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Business Ethic: Chinese Oil Company in Africa

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  1. Global situation
    1. China, Energy Sources and Disparities
    2. The Chinese Project on the African Continent
  2. China and its african energy interests
    1. Chinese oil corporate and PetroChina place
    2. China/Angola: Fitness and Performance
  3. China: An other way TO doing business

Tripling in the last five years, its trades with the black continent to at $37 billion in 2005, China presents Africa one of its spearheads concerning its world progression and its influence networks. A geopolitical strategy which strongly displeases Western countries, Africa and its raw materials interest is going to be strongly competed. The Chinese growing influence on the African Continent appears as an important Sino-African cooperation. And, Chinese people take a delight in telling that their country is the most important developing nation and Africa is the hugest one. As soon as possible, they evoke the synergy between both sets, pawn, according to them, for a radiant common future. Whatever it is, some facts are undeniable: China needs African raw materials, in counterpart, Africa needs the Chinese know-how, its outcomes, and its end products which are more adapted to its necessities. By this fact, trades are rising with daily oil consumption of 5.46 million of barrels in 2003 and China is becoming the second world trader just behind the United States and in front of Japan. Within this rhythm, Beijing estimates its consumption at 450 million tons in 2020, among which 60 % would result from imports. The Chinese activism in Africa still is a major concern to Europe and in the United States. What is China really looking for on the Continent? How construing is the actual Sino-African connection? Is China a new business model?

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