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Can India be called: « The future superpower »?

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  1. The Birth of the Elephant
    1. The benefits of the Colonial Period
    2. After Independence, India kept on developing
  2. India holds all the cards to become a superpower
    1. A stable politic and economic system
    2. ''Knowledge Management'': harder, better, faster, stronger
    3. India: the third English-speaking population in the world
  3. ''India superpower? Not so fast!''
    1. The media propaganda
    2. There is still way to go before India is a superpower

Nowadays, Western countries are facing the ascendance of new economic rivals, especially the two Asian giants: China and India. India is described as an emerging global power through the eyes of the journalists in the financial press, who emphasize its successful Bollywood movie industry, its booming IT sector with thousands of high skilled engineers threatening western jobs, its excessively rapid growth and its companies which are becoming powerful enough to buy out western companies; such as the recent takeover of Jaguar Land Rover by the Indian Tata Motors. If journalists are very optimistic about the future of India, which they believe will become the new superpower by 2050, we have to wonder if India has enough assets to become a global power or if it is a mere utopia. After describing how India has become an emerging country in a first part of this analysis, we will define the assets of India that let us think that this country can become a global power someday and finally, we will underline the elements with which India will have to deal before aspiring to this rank.

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