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China and foreign direct investments: policies and strategies

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  1. Historical perspective
    1. China's Policies toward FDI
    2. Pre 1949 era
    3. 1949-1979: from close-door policy to a transition era
    4. 1979 until today: Open-door Policy on FDI
  2. The big picture of FDI in China over the past 25 Years
  3. The china's FDI strategies
    1. Kaifang Zhengce: The Geopolitical strategy for China's modernisation
    2. Export-oriented FDI Strategy and Performance Requirements Policy
    3. FDI and Technology Development in China
  4. The pull factors

China experimented 25 years of soviet dogma leading to its isolation from global trade. The turn-around initiated in 1978, along the strategies of four modernisations, introduces a set of policies to attract FDI, but also to control, monitor, and manage them. FDI has been used as a vehicle of economic, social and technologic development by China's government that in a gradual and incremental evolution of its policies open progressively to world trade. Various tools and directives at government level have been put forth to attract and take the most foreign capital, with the resulting success symbolised by its accession to WTO in 2001, and statistically approved since China is the first destination of FDI since 2003. Moreover, the most impressive move is that China has been keen at dragging and using FDI to be currently the third world economy's successfully integrated global trade system. The purpose of this report is to analyze the set of policies put forth in an effort for strategic development of the People Republic of China.

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