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E-Books : what are the impacts of this digital evolution on the market of the edition?

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  1. Analysis of the environment: evolutions of the chain of value since the author to the distribution system
    1. Market situation of edition
    2. Targeting of technologies and innovating supports of reading
    3. The authors who put themselves at the time of digital
    4. The threat of opening edition market to digital technology
  2. The world of the edition in change thanks to this innovation
    1. An innovation which changes the modes of books consumption
    2. New economic model of the edition
  3. Study case
    1. The school edition and ICT: a permanent taking into consideration
    2. Entry of Kindle in university campus

In this essay we are going to study about industrial innovation in the edition sector that constitutes the development of electronic readers and transformations engendered in the market of books with the emergence of e-books which has been gaining market shares each year. Indeed, since the launch in 2007 of the kindle, that is an electronic reader which allows to download via internet, contents (eBooks, newspapers and magazines) sold on-line by the American site The publishing companies, present at several levels of the chain of value, have to adapt themselves to the modifications of the ecosystem of the book in order to preserve their strategic positions. Indeed, the direct access of the consumer to the literary works constitutes a threat for turnover edition companies. We can draw a parallel between this situation and the coming of paperbacks in the 1930s, which represented an absolute revolution in the book industry. It allowed putting big literary works within the reach of the public.

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