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E-business, cloud computing

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  1. Definition of cloud computing notion
  2. History and various applications of cloud computing
    1. The battle Google / Microsoft
    2. IBM and Google's common strategy
  3. The strengths and weaknesses of the IT companies
  4. Assessment and opinion: will the future be online?

Cloud computing, what does it mean? If we mention it to our relatives, it sounds difficult to figure it out, and nevertheless this is a trend that we can witness in everyday life. The definition is, 'it is a way for the computers to forget the use of hard drives, all applications and data will be present on internet servers.' In fact, the phenomenon has brought a lot of applications and allows various users to communicate, share, learn, manage and enjoy entertainment in any place and whenever they wish. The use of virtual servers is more than useful for companies. Indeed, the fact that the data is centralized brings an important flourish of assets. The different companies that play an important role for building the clouds are various. But we are able to identify the pioneers, Amazon and Microsoft. Microsoft is clearly the leader but is strengthened by the pestering competition of Google, which recently formed an alliance with IBM. The position that IBM and Google have reached may change the situation of the market in the future, at the expense of Microsoft. Now regarding the benefits that it brings to the corporation, it is incredibly profitable since it allows a cost reduction, a great speed and ease of use. Furthermore, the platform for the employees is very beneficial in terms of knowledge sharing, network building and maximization of the company's productivity. Unfortunately, we will see that there is a balance to make, because certain effects are not to be ignored. But the future of cloud computing is not compromised.

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