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E-Commerce : Skype

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  1. Strategic Audit (The 4 C's)Context
    1. Technologic context
    2. Legal context
    3. Skype, the Company
    4. Its major Asset
  2. Proposal for Skype development
    1. Ansoff matrix
    2. Skype consulting 5 P's

Skype is a Peer to Peer Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) company. As of January, it had 75 millions subscribers who could speak to each other for free over their internet connections, using a microphone and headset or computers speakers. Skype was originally developed by the creators of Kazaa, which is now an affiliate of e-Bay, to whom it was sold for $2.6 billion. They are leaders in phone services through the internet. In a globalized world Skype offers a very good opportunity for us to lower the cost of communications, not only on a private level, but on a corporate level as well. In the following pages I will analyze, the company, its consumers, its competitors and its context in France. I will then try to develop a new way for Skype to earn money and add value to its services.

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