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Embracing Love to Overcome Gender Differences, The female search for love by Bell Hooks

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  1. Introduction
  2. Embracing Love
  3. The female search for love
  4. Bell Hooks
  5. Analysis
  6. Conclusion

The conception that men and women are from different planets keeps recurring in most discussions that relate to the gender differences. Nevertheless, there comes a time when actuality sets in, and individuals realize that men and women share several aspects one of them being the need for love (Burns 9). Humankind regardless of gender, race, age, religion and geographical location yearn for unconditional love. The topic of love and gender is weighty, and it elicits mixed reactions from people. It is for this reason that scholars continuously come up with new ideas regarding the gender perception of love. Bell Hooks as an accomplished theorist and feminist current writer is one author who focuses on love and gender in Communion: female search for love where she reiterates that love is an action informed by respect, knowledge, responsibility and above all care (Hooks 21). Hence, it is obvious that true love advocates for equality among genders and hence is devoid of domination by one partner.

Hooks advocate the need for women to conquer the numerous problems they encounter in their quest to find and retain the love. For her, love is the liberating factor that equates women to their male counterparts (Hooks 47). Hooks concerns accrue from the fact that the desire to understand how love works is universal. All relationships are they romantic or not should lay their foundation on love and by so doing they tend to grow stronger. Cancian in her book Love in America: Gender and Self ?Development shares the same sentiments as Hooks. She acknowledges the gains made by women in their pursuit of love (Cancian 37). It is imperative to point out that Cancian appreciates the fact that the role of men in the women's mission to find love and passion needs consideration.

[...] It is encouraging to see the strides made by the society in accepting that love is a part of humanity. Initially, the society was ready to give women power, jobs or money while denying them needs to express their desire for love. Conversely, men were unwilling to give up their patriarchal privileges for love. However, as Cancian asserts these sentiments have changed since couples are willing to compromise when it comes to love because self-development and love are mutually reinforcing (Cancian 45). [...]

[...] William Morrow Print. Vincent, L., and C. Mcewen. "Labouring to Love today: Romantic Love and Power relations in the Construction of effective Middle-class Femininity." Indian Journal of Gender Studies 13.1 (2006): 21-27. Print. [...]

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