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Fnac(.com) - an e-business model

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  1. Presentation of the company
    1. The history
    2. e-Management
  2. Business model
    1. Global diagnostic
    2. The '''' concept
  3. Pros and Cons
    1. Positive aspects
    2. Negative aspects

All the sectors, all the trades, all the positions of the company were, are and will be upset by Internet. It is recognized today that new technologies, in particular the access to Internet, tend to modify the communication, particularly between the various actors of the professional world. Internet today forms a part of our everyday life, but this remains a recent phenomenon. E-tailing appeared at the end of the year 1990 and has since grown rapidly. E-Business is a topic which our generation is directly confronted with. As warned by consumers, and taking into account the diversity of the companies using the e-Business, I chose to concentrate my study on a specific market: that of the e-tailer FNAC. The objective of this report is to present various underlying "technologies". They are actually modes of organization based on communication and information technologies. Thus, in the e-Business context, it is essential to understand how the internal organizations of the companies using the E-business work. To conduct this study, we chose to analyze the site, because it seemed interesting to see how their business plan is built compared to their chain of shops which is already well developed. This is what we call the "Click and mortar". With high growth perspectives and a strong evolution I consequently considered that the study of is strongly representative of the e-tailing sector and would enable me to treat the topic of the e-Business in an effective and relevant way.

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