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Olive Tree Restaurant business operational systems assessment

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  1. Strengths and Weaknesses
  2. Critical evaluation of the restaurant
  3. Trading position
  4. Sales position
  5. Average spend per head
  6. Food gross profit
  7. Wages
  8. Summary of the restaurant's position
  9. How the facts compare to the interview
  10. Make future recommendation for the restaurant
  11. Advise Angelo about opening another restaurant

The Olive Tree Restaurant is strategically situated within the fringes of Ealing area in a building that was formerly being used as a bank. A case study on the restaurant has been provided to analyse the business position of the restaurant. Reflecting on the case study, a thorough assessment was done on the operational systems for the effectiveness of the business after which the operational planning as well as implementation within the business's hospitability units are critically appraised. It is confirmed that Angelo has not made any net profits so far, but the revenues generated from the restaurant are generally attractive.

[...] High quality services: The restaurant generally promotes quality services and food products. The quality services are enhanced through swift services in which a customer gets served as fast as possible upon sending a request. The food is also of high quality as depicted through the high quality pizzas that are also considered to be of fair size. The quality of food is further attributed to few cases of left overs by satisfied customers. iv. Prime Shopping and Entertainment Area: Generally, the Ealing area is characterized by many activities that promote the restaurants business. [...]

[...] Critical evaluation of the restaurant After evaluating of the Olive Tree Restaurant business, it can be ascertained that Angelo has not yet made any money out of the restaurant business. The restaurant currently relies on the revenue generated through the sale of food and drinks only. Such revenue is far much less than the cost of running the restaurant. The overhead costs are relatively too high to be covered by the sales on food and drinks only. The initial costs of structuring the complete restaurant business included rent that amounted to £143,000 per year and £445,000 for turning the bank into a restaurant, and a bank loan of £335,000. [...]

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[...] Libby, R. & Brown, T Financial Statement Disaggregation Decisions and Auditors' Tolerance for Misstatement. The Accounting Review, pp. 641-665. Markgraf, B The Role of Management Information Systems in Decision- Making. [Online] Available at: information-systems- decisionmaking-63454.html [Accessed 18 March 2015]. McQuarrie, E The market research toolbox: a concise guide for beginners (2nd ed.). London: SAGE. McWhinney Paths of change: strategic choices for organizations and society. London: Sage. Oracle Understanding Position Budgeting. [Online] Available at: n dingPositionBudgeting-d17c2f.html [Accessed 10 May 2015]. [...]

[...] The restaurant has good position to improve. However, it faces low sales and low gross profits during the months of January, February and March. How the facts compare to the interview The facts compares to the interview since the as Angelo claimed about the revenue trends, the restaurant sales are at least £12,000 per week. This is generally a good trend although the restaurant has not yet covered all the costs of its establishment. The number of customers is also consistent, which is good for the business success (Ketchen, et al., 2014). [...]

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