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Online clothes renting business: « Des Marques et Vous »

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  1. Executive summary
  2. Company overview
    1. The idea
    2. Why are we different from the others
    3. Short Term Objectives
    4. The main important step of the creation of the corporation
  3. Market study
    1. Clothing market
    2. E-business market
    3. Rental Market
    4. Customers study
    5. Competition
    6. The Opportunity
    7. Suppliers
  4. Strategies
    1. Products and services
    2. Merchandising and marketing
    3. Price
    4. Site selection and location
    5. Supplies
    6. Management
  5. Financial analysis
    1. One-year Cash flow
    2. Profits and losses analysis over 5 years
    3. Break Even
    4. Sensitivity Analysis
    5. Recommendations

'Des Marques et Vous' or ?Brands and You' is the name of the new company we plan to set up. This name is in French and implies two meanings; it means 'people and their attachment to the brands' and 'being different from the other brands'.

This company's name is totally in correlation with the new concept we plan to launch. As a matter of fact, the aim is to set up an online company in the rental business of luxury dresses for a one night event. This new firm will be first located in Paris, the French capital, as this is where private events necessitating the need for luxury clothing are more frequent.

After having analyzed the clothing market and the trends of the customers, we have defined a gap which seems profitable. The clothing market in France is saturating which explains the opportunity for this new concept to rewrite the trend of consumption in a different way. Moreover, we have noticed the importance for people to feel different from each other by wearing branded clothes. People are becoming increasingly fixated regarding the luxury business and are keen to partake of luxurious clothing. However, everybody cannot afford to pay for it. This is the reason why our concept is original and has a great chance of being successful. Indeed, this will satisfy this new demand giving them the opportunity to wear haute-couture dresses, even if it is for one night.

Furthermore, in order to strengthen our beliefs, we have conducted a questionnaire. It shows us that a large part of the women population is ready to pay between 50 euros and 150 euros for renting a luxury dress for a one night event.

In this business plan, you will be able to see all the different steps and analyses we carried out to make our project a success. This includes the description of our future company, a detailed market analysis, the business strategies and finally the financial analysis.

[...] Link DSN ODBC Mdac 2.7 (Dotnet) Database Mysql Ver 4 et 5 25 PhpMyadmin Technical support Gold Plan Support by free and un limited phone Email support in 36 hours maxi Guarantie Support en 12h maxi 7j/7 Tariffs Gold Plan Price in Euros 49.99 [] Appendix VIII: Resume XXXXX 25 years old Les Roussettes Driving Licence 34160 Saint Genies des Mourgues France Mobile : + PROFESIONALS EXPERIENCES Sept-June 2005/2006: Commercial, administrative and relation press assistant in the company of luxury shoes Maloles. [...]

[...] Despite a totally innovative concept, we have one direct competitor which is renting luxury brand handbags through the internet. However, our strength is that it is possible to rent all packages, from the dress to the jewellery. As we are in the clothing market, competition is tough (see Appendix III) - E?business (, They sell branded clothes for minimum price. - Luxury shops and boutiques (Gucci) - Regular retailers (Naf Naf, Morgan): their prices are cheap and people prefer to buy a dress rather than rent it. [...]

[...] Executives are an important target because they spend more than other occupation holders buy more than 800 euros worth of clothes per year) Would you be interested by renting luxury clothes online VS occupation? Students, employees and executives are the most interested targets; it is confirmed through these graphs. The inactive population, for example, does not have the same habit, interest and purchase power. Opportunities for you to buy through the internet vs. occupation Frequency of renting vs. occupation There is our target. [...]

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