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Profile of 3 innovative e-business strategy: Dell, Kompass and BP Oil

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  1. Dell's profile
    1. Overview
    2. Integrating the Internet place
    3. The Dell Company and product is a suitable match for e-Marketing strategies
    4. Dell's e marketing innovative strategy
    5. Dell E-Marketing Effectiveness
  2. Kompass profile
    1. Overview
    2. The e-business strategy
    3. Kompass and Web place
    4. Search engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy
  3. BP (Oil and Chemical company) and its Ecommerce Position
    1. Overview
    2. BP's Virtual Private Network (VPN) and its Intranet
    3. BP's e-business strategy
    4. B2B Operations (Business to Business)
    5. B2C Operations (Business to Customer)

Commerce on the internet which was virtually non-existent in 1996 is now expected to be in excess in a $200 Billion Industry. This gives reason as to why an effective and successful e-business strategy can be valuable in business. In order to attain e-business objectives, it is vital that businesses synchronize information between the front and back office through ICT automation. This paper will entail contributing factors faced by a business owner/manager when developing a new e-business strategy with three examples. The most efficient way that a firm can take advantage of e-commerce emerging technology will be given a close analysis. So, in this way we will see for each case, what kind of company it is and what strategy it uses. The paper will be based on a critical and a speculative analysis on future trends and emerging opportunities and challenges for each.

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