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South Korea case study

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  1. South Korean background
    1. Political risks
    2. Legal issues
    3. Cultural risks
    4. Financial risks
  2. Doing business in South Korea
    1. A country open to foreign investment
    2. France: major investor in South Korea
    3. Forms of establishment

South Korea is one of the New Industrial Countries of Asia. It began its development after the end of World War II, earning its independence from Japan. Now, it is a parliamentary republic, favorable for business and international exchanges. 50 years ago, the GDP of South Korea could be compared with the poorest countries of Africa and Asia. Today, its economy can be compared to some European countries, as it is part of APEC1 and is getting closer to the top 10 trading countries. Thanks to its typical cultural inheritance, South Korea has known how to create its own identity and establish a viable society. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the potential risk of doing business in this country. A new Constitution, approved by referendum in 1987, came into effect in 1988. It marks the beginning of the Republic Life. The dictatorial aspect of the Korean mode, governed by the laws on national safety, making it possible for the executive power to restrict the personal freedom, issue the martial law and curfew anytime, has been reduced since 1988. This change is due to the reforms started by President Roh Tae-woo and continued, in particular under popular pressure by its successor Kim Young-Sam, but especially by Kim Dae-Jung, opponent of long date, who became president of the Republic in 1998. The actual president is Lee Myung Bak.

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