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When China changes the world

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  1. Industry analysis
    1. The intensity of competitive rivalry
    2. The bargaining power of the suppliers
    3. The bargaining power of the customers
    4. The threat of the entry of new competitors
    5. The threat of substitute products or services
  2. SWOT analysis
    1. The internal analysis
    2. The external analysis
    3. The financial analysis
    4. The strategies
  3. Conclusion: Kuchen's opportunities and objectives

The People's Republic of China is more commonly known as China. It is a continental state of over 9.6 million km, and the country feeds more than a fifth of humanity. China is also a giant on the current demographics, as this country has more than 1.3 billion people, making it one of the most populated, with cities such as Beijing, its capital.

This document explores this country that is booming and is currently getting a lot of attention, both economically and politically.

During the first 18 centuries, China was the greatest world power, a nation so far advanced technologically. During the twenty-first century, China is in fashion and is an attraction for all the economists in the world.

China is trying to resurface, which according to Jeffrey Sachs, one of the most prominent economists of the moment, is the greatest achievement of development that the world has ever known.

The arrival of such a country has caused a demographic change that is global and breaks all the existing theories. Indeed, like in physics and also in economics, by changing the quantity, change the result. Especially as China wakes up to the time when new technologies will make integration in the global economy much easier.

China is a country in the industrial revolution. We are currently witnessing a real burst, or rather revival and resurgence of China as a great nation in the world on all fronts: economic, industrial, sports and even artistic. This fabulous development is fully comparable with previous revolutions experienced by England for example, or even more recently Japan.

Tags: China and its history, China's importance to the rest of the world, economy of China

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