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Delaware : A tax haven

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  1. Delaware, an American State
    1. Political factor
    2. Social factor
    3. Economical factor
  2. Delaware's fiscal advantages
    1. Advantages for companies
    2. Advantages for individuals
  3. Who is Delaware's target?
  4. Concrete example for a French Business
  5. Conclusion

When typing Delaware in Google, most of the websites suggested are Corporate Expert Agents that all offer the same service: Advising and helping in the establishment of a company in Delaware. This first obvious observation is a proof that Delaware is a desirable State. In this paper, we will see what Delaware's specificities are, why it is often mentioned as a ?fiscal paradise? and who profits from these advantages. Let's also bear in mind that the Business Laws are the number one reason for coming to DE; however we will limit our report to the fiscal advantages.

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