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A market research on the internet

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  1. Introduction
  2. The process of market research on the Internet
    1. Recall the general approach of market research
    2. Choosing the format of the study
  3. The data collection
    1. The choice of a method of data collection
    2. Choosing the format of the questionnaire
    3. The risk of bias
  4. Conclusion

'Market research is the identification, collection, analysis and exploitation of data and information relating to a marketing problem to provide information to make better decisions'. Market investigation has also been defined in a report of 'The Definition Committee in the American Journal of Marketing' as 'the gathering, recording, analysis and reporting of all facts relating to the transfer and the sale of goods and services from producer to consumer.

It is usually, but not necessarily, based on the statistical theory of probability and always uses the statistical method'. The macroeconomic events, such as the explosion of the internet bubble, led to a rapid assimilation of new technologies by the world of studies and also by households. Internet thus offers the world of education, new features, new markets and new respondents. Now, market studies are done via the internet.

Online surveys have become one of the basic tools for heavy users of market research. Online surveys, or web surveys, have developed rapidly over the last ten years due to growing Internet penetration in households, representing 11% of global studies, in rows about 3% of studies. These figures are bound to evolve rapidly, and these companies performing regular online surveys dedicated on average 33% of their total budget study in 2006.

Globally and by 2010, nearly a third of spending on market research will focus on online methods. These figures are explained by the growing benefits of the internet medium. Indeed, online surveys are inexpensive and have more and more interactivity, speed and automotive data collection. How is online market research an attractive alternative for companies wishing to conduct a market study?

Like any market research, the online survey aims (among others) to describe and explain consumer behavior and subsequently, to segment the market into homogeneous groups of consumers, to decide the strategic direction of the business and actions on the variables of the marketing mix, to predict or simulate the likely evolution of a market.

Market research (online) is a tool for decision making. To do this it must be reliable and provide information that reflects the reality that marketing people can analyze a situation correctly, found a choice and monitor the effectiveness of decisions. Market studies follow a certain formalism, this general approach will be the first part. Subsequently, we will see the techniques of data collection.

Before addressing the topic of market research on the Internet, it is necessary to recall some of the principles of traditional market research because studies online meet the same approach as all studies.

The only differences lie in the decision on the format of the study (qualitative or quantitative) and data collection.

Main objective of study: to listen markets. The company seeks to meet the needs or desires of customers; it needs to know the main features. Conduct market research reduces uncertainty and hence risk. Market knowledge promotes the success as the company increases its chances of finding markets for its goods and services.

Market research is a collection of information organized hierarchically on markets of the company, collected methodically in order to prepare decisions on the development of the company.
It is a process of questioning to better understand its business, its customers, its market, its environment, its competitors and all stakeholders of the company.

Tags: internet; research on internet; internet market; market research

[...] Data processing, analysis of results and presentation of the report The analysis of responses and data processing are performed automatically by programs and follow a set of steps before being presented in the form of a report.Here too, the online market research is different from traditional market research because the control steps, coding and tabulation are directly carried out by computer programs without human intervention to capture data. The report acts as a decision aid for managers since it provides an overview of the problem addressed. [...]

[...] As such, companies specializing in the supply of panels are on a roll right now; they are involved with proving that their proposed panels are real panels, managed and maintained in a professional manner offering respondents quality and high response rate. Note that it is unlikely that institutions that have not yet formed their own panel will now embark in its constitution. According to the Cambiar study, only a quarter of these institutes consider implementing such a project in the next three years. [...]

[...] I.The process of online market research A The general approach of market research Before addressing the subject of market research on the Internet, it is necessary to recall some of the traditional principles of market research. The only differences lie in the decision on the format of the study (qualitative or quantitative) and data collection. - Main objective of the study: be responsive to the markets If the company has to effectively meet the needs and desires of customers, it needs to know the main features. [...]

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