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China and India- the most powerful success stories of this century

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  1. History of India and china
    1. India
    2. China
  2. Similarities of development strategy
  3. Differences of development strategy

Indians have woke up:
The birth of a giant: As everybody speaks about China and about its growth, India is now giving a good economic potential, maybe better than China for the long term.
India, like China, is accumulating performances. India is following China's way according to what the international economy is concerned: a growth rate of 8% this year. But contrary to Pekin(or Beijing), New-Delhi makes life better for more than 1 billion and that too in a democratic way. This is where the Indian miracle found its way: the mixture of good politics and good economics. But we have to take into account that the Indian democracy is political but it's not social. Indeed, even if cities like Bangalore are very modern and also high-tech, where there is freedom to do anything, other cities suffer from the system of castes.
The predilection field of India is, of course, the younger generation who are better educated and more sensitive to the international world. In each and every promising field like technology, biology, medical system, India is holding ground.

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