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Critical Analysis of the Attractiveness and Feasibility of Establishing a Tourism Industry for British Holiday-makers In Vietnam

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  1. The Vietnamese Culture
    1. Architecture and Art
    2. The Vietnamese Language: Origin and Structure
  2. The Vietnamese Way of Life
    1. Fishing
    2. Rice Growing
    3. Food Habits and Their Relationship to Vietnamese Dietary Guidelines
  3. The Major Religion
  4. Vietnam's Political and Economical Situation
  5. Theoretical Models Underlining ‘Why Vietnam Is the Ideal Destination for British Tourists'
    1. Application of the ‘Five Dimensions Model' by Geert Hofstede
    2. Additional Models

The Vietnam War, which started with an US resolution on 7th August 1964, lasted for almost 11 years, until the defeat of the South Vietnamese State on the 30th of April 1975, leaving more than 2 million casualties behind, still blocks the view of the mind blowing visual beauty and cultural treasures of today's Vietnam. This Southeast Asian country, which today, emphasises opening its doors to welcome foreign investors and tourists at large, is full of great physical and rich cultural diversity with a history that spans over 4000 years. Through out the ages and centuries, Vietnam was always strongly influenced by China. Virtually, from around 100 B.C., Vietnam was controlled by Chinese rulers. Additionally, from as early as A.D. 166, when Roman travellers passed through the Red River Delta, to the Vietnam of today, western countries like France, Portugal or the Netherlands, which all had different, but mainly imperialistic intentions in Vietnam, have also left their footsteps in the history of the Vietnamese culture. Unfortunately, it will take long to cover the history of this country. The following description of the origin of the name Vietnam, however, will at least give a hint of its profound and diverse history.

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