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E-tourism: A key sector of e-trade (2007)

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  1. History of the French army
  2. Organization and composition of the French army
  3. The Army
  4. The Air Force
  5. Navy
  6. The National Gendarmerie
  7. The news of the French army
  8. Conclusion

Internet is a worldwide computer network. It is based on the communication protocol IP (Internet Protocol), and makes services such as email and the web publicly available. It can be said that the internet has been popularized by the advent of the web and the web has developed in different sectors. It has become a trade that allows the world to make various purchases on the internet. Thus, e-commerce has emerged in the exchange of goods and services between two entities over computer networks. There are many activities in e-commerce. It is a growing industry because it sells all kinds of goods and services.

E-tourism is one of the services offered by e-commerce. Tourism is thus, a service on the web. It includes online travel agencies that offer the same goods and services that a traditional travel agency does. At nearly 50% for 2005, the growth of French e-tourism conforms to all the e-commerce in the country. Also, almost two out of three Internet users bought products online during the first three months of the year, and among the sectors benefiting from shopping online, e-tourism is in a good position. Its turnover rose by 34% in one year. In this document, one will study the e-business consisting of e-commerce.

The e-business itself is divided into different types depending on whether the exchange of information takes place between a company and individuals (B2C Business to Consumer), between two businesses (B2B business to business) between a company and its employees (B2E business to employee ) or between a business and local government (B2G business to Government or to e-government). E-Commerce is defined in all these relationships regardless of the nature of the actors involved. It is necessary to deepen the concepts of B to C and B to B, the first representing the bulk of trade. It can be confirmed that, to date, trade between the two companies are primarily a direct link.

Finally, it is noted that the consumer becomes familiar to the Internet for several years and begins to make purchases online. E-commerce is in the process of democratization. This trend affects all socio-geographic categories. The most active are 25-47 years old, because it is this category that is most familiar to the web and which has the income.

Tags: E-tourism; part of electronic trade; services offered by e-Commerce;

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