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The financial crisis and the automobile industry

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  1. Environment analysis
    1. Political environment
    2. Economic environment
    3. Technologic environment
    4. Social environment
  2. Automobile adverts in the world
    1. In French Polynesia
    2. In United Kingdom
    3. In United States of America

Since the beginning of the world financial crisis in 2008, the automobile industry like all the other industries has been strongly impacted by the situation. The slump of the car sales was a huge setback for the majority of the constructors. During these difficult times, marketing departments have been busy charting out their plans all over the world. The product to market could differ in term of equipment/quality level, but answers globally to the same need. Obviously, the customers' expectations change in relation to function of the countries because their behavior is different. For instance, there are pick up vans and S.U.Vs in the USA, supermini cars for the French market, a big sedan for the Germans. Despite the differences, all marketing managers had the same problem to address whatever their location in the world: how to boost the declining sales?

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