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A focus on Russia in terms of managerial practices, versus France

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  1. Introduction
  2. Russian corporate culture : a model
  3. Russian Behaviours : a view from European people
  4. A Russian firm : Gazprom
  5. Conclusion

Russia represents a good economic potential, and investors, and firms are more and more attracted by this country as well as by the hydrocarbons that are the first factor of export of the country. Economic, social political and business relationships between France and Russia are tightening both for exports and imports. The study of the importance of this potential will show us why is it necessary to study national culture and managerial practices in this country, as people will be more and more likely to build negotiations and relationships with it. Thus, in order to build a good relationship, we will study the differences between French management and Russian management. What are the differences in behavior? What are the rules to respect when you want to work for a Russian firm? Are there rules to respect? We will then give examples and views of European models, and will eventually see how a Russian firm behaves by the example of Gazprom.

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