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Alternatives to neoliberal globalization: the social economy

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  1. Introduction
  2. External Analysis
    1. The sports market
    2. The market for sports shoes
    3. Market with respect to running
  3. The internal analysis
    1. Adidas-Salomon (strengths, weaknesses)
    2. Adidas France (strengths, weaknesses)
  4. Marketing Strategy
  5. The Marketing Mix
  6. Conclusion

Neo liberal globalization is no longer unanimous among the civilian population, or among the ruling elites (the last few weeks have been marked, in Latin America by a series of elections that led to the power being given to the elite, particularly critical power vis-a-vis the neo liberal order).

Over the past twenty years, and especially since the Seattle protests in 1999, the voice of the global justice movement has sounded forcefully on the international stage. The anti-globalization movement is a movement that aims to design a new framework for globalization, but it is a heterogeneous movement. Economic solidarity is a current of anti-globalization. It is a branch that does not, totally revolutionize the market economy. In fact, economic solidarity does not completely break with capitalism and globalization. It only aims to give them a more human face.

The economy solidarity is it a solid alternative to neo liberal globalization? Can it be the basis for a North-South cooperation more just?
Before beginning the analysis, the topic should first be defined: The economy solidarity is a corollary of the social economy and the resulting social struggles that have marked Western societies in the nineteenth century. The border between the two concepts is blurred, so it will used regardless of any concepts.

In addition, to study the social economy is to cover a wide range of topics. Research has examined a renewal in the North, its emergence in the South, or its impact on public policy.This analysis focuses on the alternative to the social economy in the area of the North-South cooperation. The subject will be focused primarily on the Third World, and it will include silence on the social economy in Western societies.

The work will be articulates in three points: First, it will see how the social economy has developed in the South to "resist" the neo liberal globalization and "build" alternatives. Then it will see how development of the economy solidarity can lead to another North-South cooperation. Finally, the social economy as a construction site, it will explore the challenges it faces in the future, with emphasis on the challenges specific to the scope of cooperation.

Globalization work for a minority few, who can legitimately make the apology: It has the goods and services whose production has grown considerably, free competition has led to the production of quality goods which it can use, it is educated, healthy and living longer.

Globally, the gap between rich and poor is growing, 30 million people die of hunger every year, the environment is threatened, and the South are still struggling to find a voice on the international stage. The success of globalization are far from universal and is more of a general look at the world that led to a much more critical discourse.

The social economy is thus born in the South, because with the worsening economic crisis in some countries of South and disengagement of the state, a part of the population found itself excluded from social and economic circulation , and in fact was forced to develop new forms of solidarity and mutual assistance. There has been an increase in the informal sector, but especially to the birth of economic and social innovation with the aim of reviving the local economy, the essential basis of the national economy.

Tags: social economy, globalization; economy solidarity; neo-liberal globalization

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