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Analyse of Chinese cultural system, its implications for cross-cultural management and the French business people who want to deal with Chinese counterparts

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  1. The Chinese cultural system linked to the special features of the Chinese management
    1. First of all let us ask you a simple issue: what is culture?
    2. Introduction to the Chinese universe
    3. Chinese philosophy for a living and values
    4. Chinese people and their group orientation
    5. Chinese ideal of life
  2. Implications for cross-cultural management
    1. Chinese concept of time
    2. Chinese concept of space
    3. The Chinese humanist way of doing business : the importance of implications of a formal culture in affairs
    4. Chinese ways of communication
    5. The Chinese culture : a ''masculine'' culture
  3. Our tips to behave in doing business with the Chinese
    1. Respecting ''the Chinese code''
    2. Outlining the Chinese personality : issues of behavior
    3. Issues of communication
    4. Courtesy rules to respect
    5. How to get dressed during a business negotiation with the Chinese
  4. Tips for French who want to do business in China

We naturally view the world from our own perspective and critically analyze that is different. Anything does not correspond to our perspective looks "abnormal", "inferior" or we don't feel comfortable or we are "afraid". But most perspectives are "normal" and respectable. People just have their own sources of of references and everyone think it is universal. If we don't know foreigners we will never be able to communicate with them: it is not only a matter of custom, language, food, etc. It is the understanding the influence of cultural factors on human behavior for which we must "think global and act local". If your partner discovers that you know his culture it will bring you a decisive "plus". That is why we decided to analyze the Chinese cultural system, and then reveal the implications for cross-cultural management and finally come up with a special training for the French business people who deal with their Chinese counterparts.

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