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British university championship : economic impact on the city of Sheffield

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  1. Background
  2. Method
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Discussion

This paper entails an analysis of data from a real life sports industry consultancy project. The sport being studied in this case is the British University Championship and its economic impact on the city of Sheffield. SPSS program is used for the analysis. The findings are then presented in formal research report. Current literature and knowledge, particularly regarding the economic impact of the British University Championship on the city of Sheffield are used to support the research findings.

[...] The implication in this case is that at least every individual made some contribution to the total economic impact of the British University Championship. Their expenditure was highly critical for the city's economy. This aspect has been tackled by other researchers who consider the contribution of sports to the city's economy critical (Gratton, et al., 2006). Nevertheless, most of the contributors are residents of the same region in which the sports events are held (Gratton, et al., 2006). In terms of accommodation, for those individuals who cannot afford to commute to their homes, they were found to spend up to £400 for accommodation. [...]

[...] Conclusion The study data and information have confirmed the assertions of many researchers and studies that sports contribute significantly to economic development. The British University Championship in particular is seen to make a critical stride in impacting the economy of Sheffield. Hosting the event alone is very important since it contributes to the development of important and key infrastructures that are critical for economic growth of the city. Besides, the championship catalyses the visitation of people from outside Sheffield who in turn would later see investment opportunities within the city. [...]

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