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Business Ethics in Nigeria

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  1. The ethical challenge and the history: what are the ethical implications of gas flaring and oil exploration in the Niger Delta?
    1. The political issue
    2. The economic issue
    3. The environmental issue
  2. On an ethical point, should the company stay in the Niger delta?
    1. The production is decreasing
    2. The safety of their employees
    3. The commercial issue
    4. The consequences if the exploitation stops for the population and the government
  3. Plan of action based upon the best ethical solutions
    1. The utilitarian concept
    2. The Kantian ethic concept
    3. Concrete solutions and recommendations

The oil exploration and gas flaring in Niger represents more than 350 billion dollars of incomes for the last 40 years, but 75% of the population lives with less than one dollar per day. The population there just survives. The Nigerian government made in the middle of the century some partnerships and licenses with big companies to allow them to explore the ground. Since then, the Niger Delta is run by these multinational firms in a context of violence, violation of human rights and environmental problems. The Niger Delta is a source of a lot of conflicts. There's a real gap between the incomes and revenues generated by the oil exploration and the life level of the local population, which is decreasing. This has lead to a lot of conflicts between the oil companies which are destructing the possible sources of income for the local population, such has the ground, the government which does not help the population with the income of oil production, and the population is frustrated for not being able to use their area. These conflicts are shown by the increase in violence, with the proliferation of armed groups. These groups are trying to show the government and the companies that the population does not agree in being exploited this way.

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