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China in the report of the International Labor Organization: Key indicators of the Labor Market (2007)

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  1. Introduction
  2. External Analysis
    1. The sports market
    2. The market for sports shoes
    3. Market with respect to running
  3. The internal analysis
    1. Adidas-Salomon (strengths, weaknesses)
    2. Adidas France (strengths, weaknesses)
  4. Marketing Strategy
  5. The Marketing Mix
  6. Conclusion

The International Labor Organization published the fifth edition of Key Indicators of the Labor Market (KILM English) on 3 September. Although the report focuses only on China, it provides important information especially regarding the rising level of productivity and wages, and the service sector of the economy. It appears that China has developed positively.

Increase in the wages and productivity have resulted in a reduction of precarious jobs, and the number of working poor. China now appears, with India, as an engine of economic development in Asia. Thus the highlights include: - Increase in the level of productivity even if it remains well below that of the United States - Over the last 10 years, productivity levels have increased in almost all regions, and the sharpest increase was observed in East Asia, where the output per worker almost doubled. In China, workers, in effect, now produce twice as much as ten years ago.

It is remarkable that China has developed significantly in the employment services (telecommunications, etc) and consequently reduced the share of employment in agriculture. The country is mainly responsible for the evolution of the share of employment in services (from 27% to 33.5%) in East Asia. The industrial sector has also increased over this period; however, it appears less significant.

Keys: China, United States, productivity levels, employment in services

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