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China on the I-way

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  1. Demographic segment.
  2. Economic segment.
  3. Political/Legal segment.
  4. Sociocultural segment.
  5. Technological segment.
  6. Global segment.
  7. Porter's five force model.
    1. Threat of new entrants.
    2. Rivalry among competing firms.
    3. Bargaining Power of Suppliers.
    4. Bargaining Power of Buyers.
    5. Threat of Substitute Product.
  8. Significant problem in 'China in the i-way'.
  9. China's internet usage.

China's Internet industry has clearly become a spectacle and a booming phenomenon in the Chinese society. Since it started in the early 1990s, China's Internet industry has grown from a marginal industry into a mainstream and a still rapidly growing industry. When the first commercial Internet network started in 1995 by ChinaNet, there were only 800 subscribers for the first month of operation. From 800 subscribers, the number of Internet users has increased exponentially. It was estimated that the number of Chinese Internet subscribers reached 79.5 million by the end of 2003. This number is expected to grow through the years.

[...] CHINA's INTERNET USAGE China started its commercial Internet subscription in 1995 with about 800 subscribers for the first month. The users and subscribers of the Internet however had increased exponentially and reached about 79.5 million subscribers in mid 2003. This is of the total 1.28 billion population of China. In the U.S., almost of the population is using the Internet. This clearly shows that China and its people are still beginning to learn to use the Internet and that the popularity of the Internet is still rising in China. [...]

[...] Threat of new entrants If we are to invest in the Internet industry in China, it is possible that there would be a lot of competition from other companies because of the potential that China has to offer in terms of the Internet industry. As of 2003, only of China's 1.28 billion people have been using the Internet. Compared to the internet users in America, there is still a great potential in terms of users. The Chinese Internet Industry is still in its expansion phase so there are still a lot of markets to be shared by different companies that are willing to invest in the Internet Industry. [...]

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