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Cigarettes and taxation in USA

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  1. The use of cigarette taxes in New York City and other locations
  2. The social implications of cigarette taxes
  3. The revenue for the taxing authority

With a country that is plagued with many preventable illnesses and people that are leading seemingly unhealthier lifestyles by the day, it is no surprise that cigarettes contribute much of the nation's ills. Due to the damage caused by tobacco use; especially cigarettes, such as the increased risk for cancer, heart disease, air pollution and second-hand smoke, as well as being expensive for public health services, NYC is joining many other cities and states around the country to tax cigarettes and tobacco products. The intention is to curb the amount of smoking, raise the age of people starting to smoke, and discourage young adults and teens from starting. The added economic benefits of taxing this vice is that it increases revenue for the city and state and can offset the effects of smokers on the health care system and other issues that arise from the use of tobacco products.

[...] With the benefits that occur with the cigarette tax, there also come some issues which must be dealt with as they affect the revenue that states and cities can raise. Chief among these include cigarette smuggling from states that do not have high cigarette taxes, and the black market which has been created because of New York's high taxes. According to Patrick Fleenor, of the Cato Institute, ?over the decades, a series of studies by federal, state, and city officials has found that high taxes have created a thriving illegal market for cigarettes in the city. [...]

[...] Cato Institute . "How Cigarette Tax Evasion Hurts Everyone." Department of Health . Lindblom, Eric. "TOBACCO TAX INCREASES ARE a RELIABLE SOURCE." Tobacco Free Kids. Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids . "PROGRESS STALLS IN FIGHT AGAINST SMOKING IN NYC." Department of Health . "STATE CIGARETTE EXCISE TAX RATES & RANKINGS." Tobacco Free Kids. Campaign For Tobacco Free Kids . [...]

[...] People lead healthier lives with fewer incidents of illness, fewer children start smoking, and non-smokers benefit from less air pollution, which of course can also bring realty prices up. Not to be neglected, businesses also have a stake in this tax; they pay less in health insurance premiums, and receive greater productivity and efficiency from their employees. With the economic and social benefits being so great, perhaps it would be wise to increase the tax even further, as experience has shown New Yorkers, we can only stand to benefit. Bibliography Fleenor, Patrick. "Cigarette Taxes, Black Markets, and Crime:." Cato Institute. [...]

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