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Can competition really be compatible with ethics?

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  1. In capitalism as it is today, it seems difficult
  2. And today we can say that hopes remain
  3. Although society is ready to change things, the road it must follow is uncertain

In a world where technical progress makes it possible to treat most diseases, one remains incurable: inequality. This scourge is ravaging our society and is making people gradually lose hope in the modern economy. Capitalism should therefore accommodate itself to more moral and conscientious issues. But can competition really be compatible with ethics?

This, precisely because competition is generating inequality. A competition in which the principle of equity does not reign is a rigged competition. This is the image that capitalism is referring to today: a competition of which only the 1% will emerge victorious. It is also and above all a competition that runs out of steam, which fails to renew itself. This is indicative of deep social inequalities. These are especially visible in the southern countries. The FAO estimates the number of people killed by hunger at 25,000 a day.

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