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Discrimination vis-à-vis immigrants in employment. Belgian political themes

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  1. Introduction
  2. Market analysis
    1. Key figures
    2. Major facts
    3. Major trends
    4. Main players
    5. Distribution
    6. Competition
  3. Current status of Tassimo
    1. An Analysis of the characteristics of Tassimo, compared to its competitors
    2. Match between consumer expectations and the characteristics of Tassimo
    3. Matrix Wear
    4. SWOT Analysis
  4. Conclusion

Having a job is an opportunity which is not always easily available. The class of people on whom the focus will be in this document, are required to pass a series of obstacles to access the best means of subsistence. This category of people, are immigrants, and the obstacles they face are in the form of discrimination. They face discrimination constantly, whether it is in the attempts to obtain a job interview, career development opportunities, compensation, or layoffs, etc. Such discrimination can be legal and illegal, direct and indirect. This is what will be studied in the first part of this work. The second part will deal with economic migration. It has been found that immigrants are discriminated against on the job market though they are "useful" on two counts. Firstly, the aging Belgian population has given rise to the need for active workers. Secondly, there is a shortage of manpower which could be compensated by immigration. Finally, the study will discuss measures that are in place to integrate immigrants into the labor market in part three, in order, on one hand, to fight against the discrimination they suffer, and on the other hand, encourage economic migration. Immigration will be apprehended in its economic aspect, namely the job market. It is obvious that this approach is simplistic because all aspects of the issue are not discussed. The objective of this work is not to be exhaustive, but to stimulate debate.

Belgium has been slow to pay attention to difficulties faced by immigrants in terms of integration. Until a political speech on the subject has committed some discriminatory practices were legitimate. Examples include the allocation of immigrants for specific jobs and the obligation to work for specific employers. These practices have lost legitimacy when the integration of foreignersthrough naturalization has been on the agenda. However, the paradox is that racial discrimination is more evident when the integration is achieved. Indeed, as stated by the sociologist Andrea Rea,"discrimination is to set the distance where there is proximity?

The difficulties faced by immigrants during the integration process are illustrated in two ways. Firstly there are those who think that one should not distinguish between Belgians and immigrants because, according to their vision, those who have difficulties in access to the labor market, housing etc. that they are those who are from "low" social status. According to them, there would be no problems specific to the integration, it would be just a matter of social disadvantage. On the other hand, there are those who believe that the real cause of the difficulties of integration of foreigners is racial discrimination. This difference in interpretation of the question is very old. It is found in the United States, where Wilson, among others, believes that the problems of the underclass American comprised of mainly Blacks concentrated in the ghettos, are explained by historical and social reasons, while Massey and Denton believe that there is a question of racial discrimination.

Tags: discrimination towards immigrants; Belgium immigrants in employment; political theme

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