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Disparity between the Dollar and the Euro

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Exchange rate between Dollar and Euro.
    1. Definition.
    2. Report made by Bloomberg on April 4, 2008.
    3. Report from the International Herald Tribune.
  3. Impact on the United States.
  4. Effect on gold.
  5. Effect on oil prices.
  6. Effect on housing.
  7. Possibility of a dollar crisis.
  8. Conclusion.

Since 2002, the value of the dollar has been decreasing. The value of the dollar has been paling in comparison to the nearly consistent euro. This has spurred caution and alarm in the foreign market because the dollar is perceived to be the safest currency to trade (The New York Times).

However, recent developments make an investor think twice about focusing all its investments on the dollar since there has been continued plumbing of the dollar in the market, which has cause prices of oil and gold to skyrocket, even on record high in history.

Before the discussion as to the exchange rate between the dollar and euro is touched, it is important to first determine such concept.

The euro to dollar exchange rate is described as the price to which the world demand for U.S. dollars equals the world supply Euros (easy-forex). Irrespective of geographical origin, a rise in the world demand for euros leads to an appreciation of the euro.

[...] Moreover, the International Herald Tribune noted that: The impact of the falling dollar is rippling through the world and American economies in numerous ways. It will give an edge to American manufacturers and has already helped lift exports by more than 11 percent in the first eight months of the year. Businesses with large foreign operations can expect a lift in profits when they convert their overseas earnings into dollars (International Herald Tribune). On the other hand, there are groups that would say that the diminishing value of the dollar is bad because it leads to inflation in the United States (ABC News). [...]

[...] The decrease of the dollar value has encouraged the U.S. to actively compete in the international market since the costs of commodities have been reduced. Moreover, governments have not entirely abandoned the dollar because it has maintained its reserve of dollars in order to suppress the value of their own currencies (The New York Times). Works Cited Easy-Forex. "Dollar-euro currency exchange." Apr 2008 . "Euro Falls Against Dollar, Yen on Surprise Retail Sales Decline Bloomberg Television April 2008. [...]

[...] On the other hand, a report from the International Herald Tribune dated September indicated that on that date, the investors dumped the dollar currency which has sent the Euro to a record high and putting the American currency at par with the Canadian dollar for the first time in more than 30 years (International Herald Tribune). On February ABC News featured a news coverage about the seemingly plummeting dollar against the euro and its impact on the U.S. as well as the foreign markets (ABC News). [...]

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