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Does regionalism contradicts globalization?

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  1. Regionalism as a protection against globalization
    1. Globalization as a threat
    2. Regionalism as a defense strategy
  2. Regionalism as a stimulus to globalization
    1. Regions: a flexible concept
    2. Open regionalism

Globalization is a historical process characterized, first by intensification and an acceleration of international exchanges, secondly by the development of transnational and deterritorialized relations and thirdly by the establishment of solidarity systems around the world. Globalization affects human beings, goods, services, institutions, cultural practices and ideas. Regionalism rests on increasing processes of social and economic interactions between the members of the same region. And this is where regionalism seems to contradict globalization. If countries are increasingly interdependent, it is only within their delineated region and not on a global scale.

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