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Environmental Economics: global warming

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  1. The global warming
    1. Evidence - Facts and figures
    2. Damage due to the climate change
    3. Future consequences
  2. Economics perspectives
    1. The cost of the climate change
    2. The cost of the climate change policies
    3. Economic theoretical model
    4. The global warming debate

This essay is about the climate change and the direct and indirect effect on our environment, not only caused by human activities. The increased concentration of the greenhouse gases which include carbon-di-oxide and others, over the last 150 years has dramatically progressed. This fact, caused by the global industrial and non-industrial activities and the gradual depletion of the earth's the natural resources, is basically changing the earth's climate system. Among the several scientific investigations, the opinions are unanimous, the temperature is increasing and this will have some direct effect on people's life. If this issue is up-to date and seems to be taken into consideration at the world level, it is because its about money. The recent discussion on the reduction of the greenhouse gases will involve a reduction of the industrial activities and also some updating of certain facilities. The costs involved are now being taken into consideration and this topic is among the current hot issues. We will first of all present quickly about exactly what 'Global Warning' is with some data and then try to get an economical view on the topic.

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