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Evaluate the impact of global recession on international trade and investment with respect to France

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  1. The global recession and its impact on the International Business
    1. Causes
    2. Global Implications
    3. Current situation
  2. The global recession and its impact on France
    1. Effects on International trade and Investments
    2. Purchasing power
    3. Reality focuses (Companies, industries, sectors, etc.)
  3. French responses to the global recession/Solutions set up by the government

In the last few years, the International Business has been hit by a global recession. Economists were talking about the current situation of some countries, companies or economic issues more or less close to a situation of recession. These comments were relayed by lots of public media and it started to become a common topic for everyone, ordinary people as well. Before going into the thick of things and evaluate the impacts of this current global recession, a definition of what a global recession is, is required. Actually, lots of definitions and point of views exist concerning this status of slowdown in the economy but all categorize quite the same things. The main difference is between on one hand, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as a reference, which is an indicator of economic activity and on the other hand, the United States view based on the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). When we take the GDP measure, it is actually based on the works of Julius Shiskin, a former economist and statistics professor who played a big role in the analysis of the business-cycle and economic statistics.

[...] This recession will probably change some minds and modify views on searching for huge profits and probably lead to a more ethical practice by the International Business fraternity. Appendices Appendix 1 Adapted from industrie-automobile-touchee-de-plein-fouet-par-la-crise/916/0/286497 [accessed 18/10/09] Households' investment Annual evolution Appendix 2 Forecast Synthesis adapted from Conjuncture note Investment June 09 by INSEE. Available from [accessed 19/10/09] References NBER (2003). Recessions. Available from [accessed 16/10/09] Abbergerand K. & Nierhaus W. (2008) How To Define A Recession? Available from [accessed 16/10/09] Letailleur F. [...]

[...] Undertaking a global action must be more profitable to organize a new international financial system with some limits on cash flows, the ban of tax haven, stock option and hedge funds. A revision of the capitalist system and derivatives from the past will probably bring a more regulated system. The use of the speculator-payer principle might be a relevant solution. After all, the ones who get richer have to pay the backup plan and the reflation of the economy, because it is not workers who already fear the unemployment and the fall of their purchasing power to cope with it. [...]

[...] Effects on International trade and Investments With regard to the French exports, the government had set a goal of extra exporters for 2011 to reach the threshold of But in 2008, only firms, especially the small and medium enterprises, (SME) exported and about stopped selling abroad. This current collapse since 2003 is more important with the global recession and had a huge impact on the French competitiveness. In times of recession, companies try to reduce their costs by reducing the exports or by privileging the developing countries with low labour cost, and low taxes which lure them to abandon the former global alliances such as Great Britain or the United States. [...]

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