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Fair Trade

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  1. Key fair principles and organization
  2. Consumer's points of view
  3. Fair trade future
  4. My personal opinion about fair trade
  5. References

Recently, economy organization suffers imbalances which affect agricultural product producers. Price and purchase conditions are imposed without possibility to negotiate and in the majority of the cases, the price of purchase are not sufficient to cover production costs. According to United Nations Organization of Food and Agriculture, within the 840 million of persons who suffer of hunger in 2005, 800 millions are growers. Commerce is very important in a society to create social link but, recently, its organization is out of producers and consumers knowledge. Indeed, consumers do not know product provenance and producers ignore their product destinations. Moreover, big companies impose their rule like the price and products. Thus, trade becomes a matter of power and profit. It represents a relation of dominant-dominated and the consequences are harmful for human beings, society, ecology and culture.

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