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France and China in the world tourist competition

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  1. Even if China lacks some experience in this sector, it could turn out to be a serious competitor for France
  2. The stakes that tourism represents: priority of economy and sustainable development
  3. The World Tourist Organization forecasts China will overtake France in 2014. However, it's possible to underline some things which could delay the Chinese appointment as the first tourist destination. And even if China succeed, it's not a tragedy for France because in the foreseeable future China will be probably a huge tourist partner

By the Socialist Economy of Market in China, started up in 1976 by Deng Xiaoping, China has showed its amazing capacity to recover and to succeed each thing undertaken. In the case of tourism, it's likely to be the same soon. The World Tourism Organization already forecasts that in 2014 the Chinese Dragon will probably overtake the French leader in term of tourist appeal. So this study tries to clarify the reasons for this new Chinese success and to understand why France is not ready to lose its first rank without fighting. First, the study will compare the tourist potential of both countries. Second, it will underline the stake of the struggle on each side. Finally, it explains that if it's only a question of time before China gets the leadership in tourism, France will profit by cooperating with it.

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