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Globalization: A General Essay

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  1. Globalization?A Cultural Phenomenon
  2. The end result of this process is culture change.
  3. The specific definition of globalization given by Granell provides a more integral understanding of globalization as a cultural phenomenon.
  4. Globalization?An Economic Phenomenon.
  5. Summary of the Data
  6. Conclusion.

The process of globalization is one that has been widely examined by scholars and experts. Although most seem to agree that the process of globalization is indeed having a powerful impact on the development of the international community, the analyses and evaluations that have been offered often focus on a myriad of causes and antecedents for change in this manner. While critiques of globalization and its evolution are often well grounded in theory and empirical data, there are so many different opinions offered on the subject that it is difficult to know for sure which opinion presents the most valid viewpoint. With the realization that so much attention has been given to the subject of globalization its root causes, there is a clear impetus for scholars to look at this issue more comprehensively. Utilizing this as a basis for investigation, this research considers the assertion that globalization is more an economic than a cultural revolution.

[...] Social Justice, 1-20. Bardhan, P. (2006). Does globalization help or hurt the world's poor? Scientific American, 294(4), 84-91. Giddens, A. (1990). The Consequences of Modernity. Cambridge: Polity Press. Granell, E. (2000). Culture and globalization: A Latin American challenge. Industrial & Commercial Training, 89-93. Kahler, M. (2004) Economic security [...]

[...] Rather when globalization becomes an integral part of an individual culture, the infrastructures of traditional values that have permeated a particular culture are challenged. In this context, individuals and societies must make a choice about how to move forward in a globalized and modernized world. Will the society embrace the cultural attitudes and values that have been brought as a result of globalization? Or will the society choose to adhere to traditional values and ideas that fundamental to existing culture? [...]

[...] In a matter of minutes, turmoil in a single great bank can upset finance at the other end of the world. Currency fluctuations can overturn decades of progress, hitting those at the bottom of the economic scale hardest. The exuberance and then depression of the stock markets began in the United States and was quickly telegraphed across the world (p. 182). What this effectively suggests is that the basic context of globalization is not only created by economics but also driven by economic changes in the international community. [...]

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