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History of private security : the path to professionalism in the security industry

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  1. In the United States, private security started as far back as in the mid-19th century
  2. It was private security that came to emerge from enforcement of public within the United States.
  3. Alan Pinkerton is one of the founders of Private security in the U.S. He came into United States back in 1843
  4. On top of tracking down as well as apprehending criminals, private security in the earlier times performed other responsibilities that are now associated with state and federal law enforcement
  5. Within the constantly changing private security world, the roles and responsibilities of protection officers are at a quick pace adapting the sensitive security environment.
  6. The history of development of private security is quite important this day it reminds those in the field where the industry has grown from

In the United States, private security started as far back as in the mid-19th century. During that time, private security personnel could only be used to fill in the gaps created by the public police forces within major cities which were just forming. Private security historical development within the United States happens to be related incredibly to the general history of the United States due to the fact that the country's founding, security within its primary form was fundamentally handled by civilians. Such an occurrence was common prior to the colonies becoming organized as well as prior to the existence of the federal troops or the police.

[...] It is believed that one has to know their history so as to understand their future. There are many events that took place in the past within the security industry. Such events as the 9/11 event which is a major contributor to the growth of the industry especially in terms of technology and training have been used as bases of advancements in the industry. Such history reminds players in the industry the importance of being prepared for future events and that they are highly relied upon. References Bureau of Security and Investgative Services. (2015). [...]

[...] A Brief History. Retrieved from Charles, P. N. (2012) Regulation, Licensing, Education, and Training: The Path to Professionalism in the Security Industry. Private Security and the Law (Fourth Edition), 21-68. Cljeffrie. ( 2011). History of Private Security. [...]

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