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International financial management: Impact of International criminality

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  1. Introduction
  2. International criminality: Organizations and activities
    1. The main criminal organizations
    2. Criminal activities
    3. Financial criminality
    4. Interweaving of legal and illegal economies
    5. Fiscal paradises
    6. Money laundering
    7. Terrorism Funding
  3. Conclusion - Are there means to fight against international criminality?

Annual gross product of identified criminal activities is approximately 1000 billion $ that is to say 20$ of world trade. Admitting that charges on this kind of business represent 50% of this gross product (suppliers, production, corruption, investment, management fee?) means that the annual profit of criminal organization is around 500 billion US $. We can then understand the issues that international criminality represents. The extent of the phenomena requires the implication of economical agents and the role of developed countries' banks is indisputable. That way, we observe that the limit between licit and illicit is not clearly defined, that there are grey areas through which illicit activities can go.
This presentation will be divided into 3 main parts. First, we will study the main criminal organizations and their main activities. In a second part, we will focus on financial criminality and in the third part we will see if there are some effective ways to stand against international criminality.

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