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Internet usage in African countries: Empirical study on the antecedents of internet usage in developing countries

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  1. Abstract.
  2. Introduction.
    1. Motivation of the research.
    2. Research goals and relevance.
    3. Problem definition.
    4. Demarcations.
    5. Report structure.
  3. Sample.
    1. Chosen sample.
    2. Data gathering and the reliability of data.
    3. Sample characteristics.
    4. Finding outliers.
  4. Outlier countries.
    1. Seychelles.
    2. San Tome and Principe.
  5. Possible factors affecting internet usage.
    1. Country area, rural vs. urban.
    2. Irregular or non-existent electricity supplies.
    3. Education spending and literacy rate.
    4. Trade (exports/imports).
    5. GDP composition by sector.
    6. Tourist arrivals & FDI.
    7. General business climate.
  6. Analysis and discussion.
    1. Factors that influence the high internet usage in Seychelles.
    2. Factors that influence the high internet usage in Sao Tome and Principe.
  7. Conclusion.
  8. Appendices.
  9. References.

This research first investigates the relationship between the gross national product and the amount of internet usage (per 1000 people) in the 51 sample countries from Africa. It indicates that the outlier countries in this case, i.e. countries that have an extraordinary high amount (in this case the outliers were all above the best-fit line) of internet users compared to their GDP/capita, from the sample are Seychelles, Sao Tome and Principe. After the investigation to find the outlier countries a short description of these countries is given, presenting the relevant data regarding these countries. Furthermore an investigation into the possible relevant factors affecting the number of internet users is done. These factors are found to be: country area, urbanization, trade, GDP composition by sector, education spending, literacy, and the business climate prevailing in the country.

[...] Another common factor affecting the high internet usage in these countries is the prevalent business climate. Due to a favorable business environment both of the countries are high recipients of foreign direct investments. In addition, Seychelles experiences a high number of tourist arrivals and a large volume of international trade relative to its population. These factors, in turn, contribute to the increased internet usage and technological development. Furthermore, in case of Seychelles we found that it has a comparatively large spending on education and a large percentage of students which can stimulate schools and institutions of higher education to provide better tools and devices to students among which is internet access. [...]

[...] We will first analyze the factors related to Seychelles and after that move on to analyzing Sao Tome and Principe 5.1 Factors that influence the high internet usage in Seychelles Firstly, one of the most important factors behind the high internet usage in Seychelles is the small area of the country and the fact that it is an island country. The area of the country is the lowest from the whole sample and low area means that cables and other related materials needed to establish internet connections in the country are cheaper and easier to build. [...]

[...] Apart from the level of economic activity (GDP/Capita) which has a positive effect on the internet usage (see Appendix there are a variety of other reasons that contribute to the differences in technological penetration across countries. We will enumerate and explain in which way these factors affect the internet usage as well as present some statistical trends on selected variables (regression analysis) which will show the relation between the below mentioned factors and the internet usage Country Area, rural vs. [...]

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