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Is India as developed as China?

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  1. China is ahead of India and is likely to remain so
    1. The divergent histories and development strategies account for the lead of China
    2. Chinese success
    3. It seems hard for India to catch up
  2. An uncertain future depending on Chinese challenges and India's long-run stability
    1. The limits of the Chinese development
    2. India's comparative advantages
    3. An uncertain future
  3. China and India are changing the world
    1. The competition is shaking the world
    2. A strengthening cooperation
    3. From a new international work division to another global order

China is currently catching everyone's attention. Being the host of the Olympic Games, places it in the midst of every discussion. The development of the country is fascinating, but criticism against Beijing is getting violent. This leaves another fast developing country, almost as crowded and dynamic as India. Some analysts think it would be a mistake to underestimate the Indian economy. It is booming and this rising giant will definitely raise concerns in the next coming decades. Some are very optimistic about it, even claiming that India could be the leader of the BRIC group: Brazil, Russia, India and China. Is India able to surpass China in the run for development? China is currently far ahead of India. It started way before, with an effective strategy and well implemented reforms. It is impossible for India to catch up if the current trends of China are not stopped. New Delhi could only bet on a Chinese slow down which would threaten the political stability of the country. Then India will have to count on its own strengths and most of all, have the courage of implementing long-needed structural reforms. Whoever the winner of the race will be, the global economy will be deeply changed by the rise of these two Asian giants. Their influence and potential moves will increase. China and India are already reshaping globalization.

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