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Is it possible to apply moral theory in today's business world?

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  1. Background of the fair trade as a particular kind of trade
  2. Limits of the fair trade in the business world
  3. Attempts to respond to the limits

Fifty-six percent of the world's population currently lives in poverty. Indeed, 1.2 billion people live on less than 1.05 Euros per day and 2.8 billion live on 2.10 Euros per day. For a few years, fair trade has been essential as an effective alternative for reducing inequalities. In the context of polemics, questions are posed on the equality and the respect of working conditions; we can ask ourselves about the development of fair trade, combining the fight against the exploitation of the labor of the South and the respect of the environment. The big deal seems to be how to link trade and ethics. We will see that despite the fact that fair trade seems to create a real market; it always has to confront of a lot of barriers to develop itself. And any attempt to react to the problem seems to be too weak.

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