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Japan and Korea in globalization: why and how Japan and Korea can be key partners for European players

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  1. Japan, Korea and the world : ''small is beautiful''... And also can be giant ! But what about the future ?
    1. Japan and Korea as ''small countries'' : an optical illusion, source of misunderstandings...
    2. What about the future for Japan and Korea within the globalization ?
  2. Japan and Korea : how to remain ''giants'' facing the challenges of globalization
    1. Japan and Korea : the propellant of the renaissance of Asia
    2. Designing long-term economic development, then R&D and innovation strategy
    3. Privileging more and more Intra-asian economic relationships and partnerships, and moving towards FTAs and towards open economy with global reach
    4. Thinking about possible future for convergent political ''asian power'' ?
  3. Opportunities and niches for european players In Japan and Korea
    1. Comparison of excellence fields for opportunities, niches, partnerships between Asia (Japan, Korea...) and Europe (France...)
    2. Opportunities and niches concerning the R&D sectors
    3. Opportunities and niches connected to the energetical and environmental challenge
    4. Opportunities and niches concerning the geo-strategical sectors

The PowerPoint presents a lot of schemes, tables and data about economical relationships between Asian countries and their European partners. One of the main questions is, which country will be the leader of the Asian growth? Which will lead Asia in the future?

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