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The key problems of urbanization :Suggestions and solutions which would form part of sustainable development

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  1. Introduction
  2. Living standards depend upon a perfect harmony
  3. Sustainability
  4. Conclusion

It is now a universal fact that living standards depend upon a perfect harmony between humans and their social environment, for example, the function of medical care, education systems, as well as social pension systems. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, cities have been growing rapidly both in size and power, continuing into the twentieth century.

And this is a necessity for economic development in developing countries. Therefore, there has been existed a growing movement from rural to urban areas, which has lasted for several decades, for the sake of searching for a well-paid job and a higher quality of life.

[...] (First, 2003) Regarding the traffic congestion mentioned above, here are some suggestions to this problem. Firstly, governments should encourage the majority of residents to use mass transit system, such as trains, undergrounds, buses and taxis. This would be able to reduce the number of private vehicles on the road, and reduce traffic congestions in an appropriate way. Moreover, to encourage cycling can also lessen the traffic congestion, and it provides daily needed exercise to citizens. Finally, building and widening roads and metro routes in big cities is a viable method to address the problem of traffic congestion. [...]

[...] These will attempt to justify whether they are suitable for sustainable development. Using public transit to instead of private vehicles is an applicable method to reduce traffic congestion and it is a suitable method for sustainability, because the more people use public transport, the less personal vehicles would appear on the roads and the less traffic congestion there will be. When people drive on good road, it can cultivate their emotion on the methods of travel. And at the same time, using public transport can reduce air pollution. [...]

[...] Additionally, either using public transit or travelling by bicycle is a suitable method of sustainable development. What is more, to divert attention in rural areas from large cities to small cities can decrease the volume of people and offer more chances to people of work and move into restricted number of housing. Nevertheless, as discussed above, there are still some other problems which are due to urbanization, such as homelessness, unemployment growth, which can lead to drug abuse, and other crimes. [...]

[...] Lack of sufficient housing in large cities is another serious problem, to cut down this phenomenon; governments should invest adequate funds and infrastructure to develop the appeal of small cities to prevent rural exodus, which means to introduce some advanced facilities in small cities, this could involves health care systems, education systems and improved work environments, in order to divert migration away from the large cities. This approach could reduce the number of people in big cities and limits to the number of housing restrictions on people. Sustainability is what we need for our survival and well-being, without compromising the needs of future generations. (What is Sustainability, 2002) And sustainable development should include efficient solutions, some evaluations to those solutions which have been mentioned before, follow. [...]

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