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On the road to China's urbanization

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  1. The rapid urbanization.
    1. Era of rapid growth.
    2. The influx of humans from provinces into cities.
    3. The Chinese government.
    4. Narrow employment opportunities.
    5. Social security and stability.
  2. My own perceptions.
    1. Manufacturer of the world.
    2. One assumption that changed.
    3. China - morally challenged.
    4. Should China become a superpower as expected?
    5. The next keyplayer in world affairs.
  3. Conclusion.

Unexpected urbanization is taking place in China today and will continue to occur in the coming years. The rapid rise of Chinese settling in cities is drastic. Statistics showed that urbanization heightened from ?18 percent in 1978 to 30 percent in 1995 and 39 percent in 2002 (New Lincoln Institute). It is also predicted that China will increase its GDP by four times and attain urbanization by 55 percent by year 2020 (Ibid).? This era of rapid growth has spurred many Chinese to relocate from provinces to many of China's cities. As a result, an influx in trade and commerce is booming in China, with more settlers in the urban areas. The Chinese people seeking to work in greener pastures opt to work where the centre of business is located, to look for better job opportunities. Because of the rapid growth of inhabitants in the commercial districts of China, the rise of revenue is also expected. This rise of urbanization in China predicts that in the rate that this progress is taking place, it is expected that 1.3 billion Chinese or one tenth of the world's population will settle in cities by 2010 (Xiaohua).

[...] and direct this ?avalanche? of humanity on the move, and the return of many migrants to their home communities, where the process of urbanization continues. Focusing on everyday life in cities, the author also shows how this social transformation extends to the most intimate spheres of people's lives. In conclusion, he raises the question of a ?sustainable? urban development and its relation with China's own past, values, and institutions. Freidmann also predicts that in a span of ten years, China will become the most powerful country in East Asia, and will become a key player among the major powers of the world. [...]

[...] China's ?peace and progress? is welcomed by the United States government, especially if their progress would be ?constructive to the international community.? But China is known at this point to be facing a ?crossroad,? on how its leaders will utilize its political and economic strength as well as its military leverage (Denny). It is still uncertain whether China will use it to coerce its way to becoming a superpower. The ultimate motive is still uncertain, although many Americans are more concerned about the economic strength that China has and its effect toward the American economy. [...]

[...] They have expanded especially aggressively near the Taiwan Strait, to the point where the balance of forces with Taiwan is now "shifting in the mainland's favor." They're studying the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and are shifting their doctrine to focus on joint operations, "network-centric warfare," and offensive maneuvers. (Kaplan) This is the reason why the United States is overestimating the advances made by China regarding its armed forces. It was also reported that China enough young men of military age to be able to assemble an army of 100 million men?. [...]

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