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The reconcilation between economy and environment

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  1. Economic growth has allowed us two centuries to benefit from significant gains in well -being of the population
  2. Growth has helped to increase the standard of living, but also the development of such energy-consuming industrial activities, raw materials and often polluting boot
  3. Growth is "sustainable" if it is acceptable to all short-term and sustainable in the long term
  4. The sustainable development approach puts here to light a new capital to be taken by economists natural capital

Economic growth has allowed us two centuries to benefit from significant gains in well-being of the population. Economic growth is aimed at improving the living conditions and well-being of the population, however, some of its consequences, such as the depletion of natural resources or worsening pollution, raise the question of the long-term sustainability. These two centuries of growth are not made without pressure on men or on our environment. the growth has enabled many countries to experience an improvement in their living conditions.

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