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Religion and Health: Does Religion Improve Health

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  1. Introduction
  2. Discussion
  3. Religion and Health
  4. Does Religion Improve Health?
  5. Conclusion

The word ?Religion? refers to a body of belief and value systems, practices, affiliations and moral values, unique to a particular group of people, which define their understanding of life, relations and humanity.

There are many world religions, but the common ones include Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Jainism, Shinto, and Confucianism. These are associated with unique symbols, such as the Bible and Koran among Christians and Muslims respectively, the church and Mosque (places of worship) for Christians and Muslims respectively, and so forth. Interestingly, almost all of the world's major religions seem to consent to the fact that there is a supreme being, whom the respective believers worship and offer prayers. They believe that the Supreme Being to be the giver of life and health. Perhaps, the reason why there are different religions is the fact that they differ in their teachings on the origin of life or universe, death and who the Supreme Being is (Carson and Koenig 35).

[...] Bible stories, also cement this belief of healing from God (FBH). For example, it is written that: Jesus restored sight to a blind man, cured a man suffering from leprosy, and so forth (Carson and Koenig 66). Secondly, the claim that scientific evidence showed that Americans who, at least once-a-week, attended religious services, enjoyed lower rates of illness, and better than average health including depression, as reported by Kevin Helliker in the Health Journal, is another point worth debating (Helliker 12-13). [...]

[...] Works Cited Carson, Viena and Harold Koenig. Handbook of Religion and Health. New York: Oxford University Press Print. Helliker, Kevin. "Religion and Health." Health Journal (2005): 15-16. Print. Kalb, Claudia. "Health & Religion." Newsweek (2003): 17.Print. Oman, Daniel. [...]

[...] "Does religion cause health? Differing interpretations and diverse meanings." Journal of Health Psychology (2002): 365-680. Print. [...]

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