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Study of Communication and Transpiration in Africa using a specific country as an illustration

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  1. Introduction
  2. Nigeria?An Overview
  3. At the present time, the government in Nigeria has evolved to a peaceful democracy.
  4. Comparison of Select Economic Data for Nigeria, Sub Saharan Africa and the World, 2000
  5. Telecommunications in Nigeria
  6. History of Telecommunications in Nigeria
  7. Current System of Telecommunications
  8. Overview of Current Telecommunications Operations in Nigeria and the United States
  9. Current Research on Telecommunications in Nigeria
  10. Transportation in Nigeria
    1. Current Status of Transportation
    2. Public Transportation
    3. Ports
    4. Air Travel
  11. Distribution of the National Road System in Nigeria
  12. Current Research on Transportation in Nigeria
  13. Summary of Transportation
  14. Summary/Recommendations/Conclusions

Researchers examining the development of Sub-Saharan Africa have noted that there are numerous infrastructure problems that exist on the continent. Telecommunication, transportation, and basic health and education services have been noted as some of the most pervasive problems affecting the development of this region. These problems persist for a host of reasons which include: a lack of economic support from local and state governments, a consistent lack of technology in these areas, and the inability of the international community to look at the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa as different entities facing notably different challenges for development (Musa, Meso & Mbarika, 2005). Unfortunately, because these problems continue to persist, many of the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have not been able to develop the infrastructure that they need to move forward.

[...] When the specific context of transportation infrastructure that exists in Nigeria is elucidated in this manner, the true problems facing this country with respect to a lack of transportation become more evident. To further illustrate the problems that exist in Nigeria with respect to the transportation infrastructure, Oni (2000) reviews country data on the status of paved and unpaved roads in Nigeria that are owned and operated by federal, state and local governments. The results of Oni's investigation can be found in Tables 3 and 4below. [...]

[...] Given that deregulation of the telecommunications industry has had such a notable impact on improving the overall level of communication taking place in the country, one cannot help but wonder of the government should not consider a similar move to improve transportation in Nigeria. At the present time, the transportation systems that exist in Nigeria are principally owned by the government. This is especially true with respect to the roadways. If the government was willing to relinquish its control of the roadways in Nigeria and allow private companies to bid for contracts to build roads, it is possible that the country may be able to develop the necessary transportation infrastructure that would be necessary to accommodate Nigeria's rapidly expanding population. [...]

[...] While the need to expand telecommunications in the country is predicated upon the need to develop a communication infrastructure for the country, as Nigeria modernizes, industrializes and becomes a tourist destination, the country must update its telecommunications infrastructure in order the support the development of the country overall (Oyebisia, Olamadeb &Agboola, 2004). Examining the development of the telecommunications industry in Nigeria, researchers have been quick to note that the pervasive lack of development that has occurred in this area is directly linked to the history of the country. [...]

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