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"The advertising in electronic commerce"

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  1. The advertising via traditional channels of distribution
    1. Overview
    2. The advertising in the different kind of main media
    3. Advertising strategies
    4. Results
  2. The advertising on internet
    1. Overview
    2. What is advertising for the internet channel?
    3. Why internet advertising?
    4. Advertising methods
    5. Advertising strategies
    6. Results and impact
  3. Comparison
    1. The internet versus traditional methods
    2. What e-commerce is going to be?

E-commerce has the potential to change the business environment. Its leads to the formation of different intermediaries, new products, new markets, and new business-consumer relationships, as well as new channels for diffusing knowledge and interacting in the workplace. It is because of this increasing importance, that e-commerce now needs to have its own marketing plan, and its own advertising machinery like other channels of distribution. This essay will deal with advertising with special reference to its role in e-commerce. In the first part, I will explain how advertising functions on the other channels of distribution. In the second part I will describe the role of advertising in the context of e-commerce, while detailing its methods, its strategies and its results. To conclude, I will compare both methods of advertizing and explore whether the Internet the best available channel for advertising.

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