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The Chinese economy at the beginning of the 21st century

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  1. Key figures.
    1. A global giant.
  2. Government role and planned economy.
  3. Economy overheating.
  4. Deflation.
  5. Inflation.
  6. Financial and banking system.
  7. Energy and mineral resources.
  8. Economic structure.
    1. Agriculture, industry and services.
    2. Development level.
    3. Social issues.
    4. Foreign direct investment:.
    5. China in Asia.
    6. Trade relationship between China, the United States and Europe.
    7. The yuan issue.
  9. Prospects.
  10. Bibliography.

An unique party into a socialist republic. The communist party of China is the ruling party also know as the CCP Chinese communist party of China. Progressively the CCP has tried to reform the economy from a centrally planned economy to a market oriented economy. China is still in the 21st century to shift from a planned economy to a mixed economy. The Chinese economy is growing rapidly 8% to 9%. Nevertheless growth carries risks. The biggest risk is overheating either through consumer price inflation, or an asset price bubble. Is China in the 21st century on the verge of economy overheating? In 2004 inflation started to pick up, why? The level of inflation in China is now 6.2%, big enough to cause concern and curtail future growth. The price of oil jumped on the international market from $65 to $100. Given the high degree of dependency from China it has generated inflation. Price of agricultural commodities have also surged Undue growth in the money supply. Chinese citizens not allowed to hold foreign currency.

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