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The Mediterranean exclusive economic zones

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  1. The Exclusive Economic Zone and States (coastal and others)
    1. General concept of the Exclusive Economic Zone
    2. Problems linked to delimitation
  2. The Mediterranean Case: between conflicts and cooperation
    1. The declaration of an EEZ in the Mediterranean Sea: problems of delimitation vs. duties of coastal States
    2. Single initiatives or collective ones to reach an 'equitable solution?

Water is the most vital and essential element on earth. Water is synonymous to life as it is this liquid that controls life especially on planet Earth. As water composes nearly everything on planet earth, it is most often believed that water constitutes nearly 70% on earth. The 70% is covered up through the existing and emerging seas and oceans. Indeed in the present age, it is the seas and oceans that provide a lot of living and non-living resources that enable a large part of humankind to live (90% of the world's total fish catch come from the seas. In other words, the fisheries industry is a boom through the constitution of water). Through this, one can infer and comprehend the reason for humankind's settlement along the coasts as it promotes economic growth to a large extent. If fragmented, the economic interests comprise of tourism, trade, energy and so on and so forth Furthermore, shipping is nowadays largely used for transporting goods (import and export), so it has accordingly assumed a significant role in the development of world trade and thereby impacting globalization. However, the constant discovery of new technologies creates an urge to stretch the limits of exploitation of marine mineral resources deeper and deeper. In order to illustrate the importance of oceans, we can quote Adel Omar Alsied's description: ?As the backbone of international commerce, oceans and seas are vital to homeland security, transportation trade, environmental and scientific research, historical and cultural heritage.'

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